Electronic Name Address as Individual Identity


Leila Sadeghi

Department of Linguistics, University of Allameh Tabatabayee, Iran




The essence of real name, the relationship between email name address and individual identity as well as the individual and social value of nomination phenomenon studied in this paper by using a questionnaire consisted of 10 questions with four options. Thirteen themes of virtual nomination were extracted from 222 respondents and analyzed using descriptive statistics. Presumably, a person by choosing unconsciously every theme of nomination refers to his/her standpoint of his/her Self and individual identity. Result

s showed that in the virtual world that an individual has the option of choosing a name; it is possible to delineate an individual’s psychological profile. Thus, the individuals’ personality, to some extent, can influence his/her choosing the virtual name.


Keywords: Electronic name address, Virtual name, Real name, Individual identity, Referential system, Signifying system



International Journal of Linguistics2011, Vol. 3, No. 1: E3

Available online at http://www.macrothink.org/journal/index.php/ijl/article/view/635
 ISSN 1948-5425 ©2011 Academic Journals    


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